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    Hey y’all! I’m Francine Ly,  and I am running for Texas Congressional District 24. 


    As a First-Generation Asian American and a child refugee who did not learn English until the age of 9 and I am proud to be a graduate of Dallas Public Schools! My educational journey then brought me to Eastfield Community College where I earned my Associate’s Degree, and went on to complete the Paralegal program at El Centro. Five years into my career, and upon becoming a mother, I was determined to show my children the importance of an education and went on to achieve my Bachelor’s in Legal Studies from Purdue.


     Growing up, I learned the value of hard work, and I know what it means to fight for what is right. As a mother, I am committed to leaving a better world for my children and future generations. That is why I am running for Congress - to make sure that every person in Texas Congressional District 24 has a voice and that our values are represented in Washington.


     I am a Certified Court Manager and prior District Legislative Director. As a grassroots leader for over a decade, I know your voice is the most important. I feel that the combination of my life experiences has prepared me with the knowledge, skills, and temperament to build consensus with anyone willing to get the job done and end the chaos that the MAGA Republicans have created in the People’s House.


     I am the only candidate FOR the people, BY the people, and OF the people for Texas Congressional District 24.  With YOUR continued support and vote, in 2024, the People's voices will be heard!

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